The other day, I stood in a checkout line at a department store with a pair of shoes in my hand. Across from me at the other register, two people waited their turns. One was a young man, muscular and tattooed. The other was a middle-aged woman who had cerebral palsy. She held a bright red shirt on a hanger. She turned to the young man and asked, “Do you think this color is good for me?”

 I felt my breath catch,  and I hoped that he would respond. He looked at the shirt, and said, “It’s a great color.”

 The woman considered his answer and then asked, “You think I should buy it? It’s eight bucks.”

The young man paused, then asked, “Will you wear it and enjoy it?”

The woman said, “I will.”

The young man asked, “Do you like it a lot?”

She said, “I do.”

He said, “Then eight bucks is a great price for something you like and will enjoy. I think you should buy it.”

She thanked him, and he said, “You’re very welcome.”

I bought my shoes, and thanked him silently for giving me hope for the entire human race.